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Systemic Racism

and Computation

Open to the MIT Community

Our Mission

Recent advances in computation and big data techniques have enabled major breakthroughs that have changed the way many of us live, learn, and interact with others. While the opportunities that computation has opened up are vast, they have been compromised by concerns over privacy, discrimination, misinformation, and cybersecurity.  This workshop examines what can be learned about race and how systemic racism operates in the U.S. from harnessing and studying the role of big data and computation in the social sciences. The focus is on the U.S. experience with systemic racism, as a way to scope the very dynamic and voluminous line of inquiry in this field.

Areas of Focus

Racial Fairness

and AI

Anti-Racism and

Computational Media



Race and




Systemic Racism

and Computation


Workshop Schedule

Wednesday May 5th, 1pm-3pm

Opening Remarks

Dean Melissa Nobles, Dean Dan Huttenlocher 

Encoding Race and Structural Racism: Philosophical Perspectives

Arden Ali, Sally Haslanger, Jerome Hodges, Lily Hu

Data, Computation, and Racial Capitalism

Jason Jackson

Monday May 10th, 9am-11am

Race and Policing

Asya Magazinnik

Work in Progress presentation by Devavrat Shah's research group on Race and Policing 

Wednesday May 12, 1pm-3pm

Making, Unmaking, and Hacking Race and Data: Views from Anthropology

Héctor Beltrán, Beth Semel, Marc Aidinoff, Stefan Helmreich, Heather Paxson

A Computational Media-based Approach to Supporting Antiracism and the Social Good

D. Fox Harrell, Danielle M. Olson

Monday May 17th, 9am-11am

Systemic Racism and the Administration of Elections in the United States

Charles Stewart III

Work in Progress presentation by IDSS research group on Race and Social Media 

Wednesday May 19th, 1pm-3pm

Race and Health 

Jasmine English, Fotini Christia, Evan Lieberman

Work in Progress presentation by Marzyeh Ghassemi on Race and Health


Our Presenters


Arden Ali

Clark University